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Here you will find reviews from people that have used our product and love it!

Robert Bozovsky

I use the Watcher Hunting Mirror when I set up a stand where a deer can easily slip behind me without my knowing it. With the mirror I am aware of the deer movement behind me and can be ready when the deer passes by my stand. This allows me shot opportunities that I would otherwise miss. Even if the deer comes from behind and passes by my stand to the front, the mirror allows me time to be ready to take the broadside or quartering away bow shot.

I can keep my movement in the stand to minimum, preventing the deer from detecting my presence at close range. The mirror can be attached to my stand or a tree readily, and with the flexible rod I can position it any way I want.

Robert Bozovsky, Life Member of Minnesota Bowhunters Association and Associate Member of Pope and Young Club

Sean Robinson

My name is Sean from Louisiana I have only been hunting for about 5 years. I tried using bicycle/car mirrors which have a limited view. The Watcher Mirrors I just got is amazing. It has a larger view area. It is portable and I can bend it around without having to use a screwdriver. I can't wait to get one for all my deer stands. I can't believe the Watcher Mirror has not been around for years, bout time. Thank you

Babera Wilson Casper, WY

I have hunted game for many years. I never thought too much about the need to use a mirror. When I did take the watcher to my stand and set it up to look down a path that I normally have to sit forward to see clearly, I was really amazed how much more relaxed in the stand I was not having to move much at all and to see so clearly to the end of my shooting path is great. Because of the mirror I was able to see a buck that was just a shadow when looking down the path until I looked into the watcher. It was then that I realized it was a nice buck. I got him! I highly recommend the Watcher Hunting Mirror to all hunters My buck did stop here!

Joyce Sewell

Bill introduces me to the watcher; the only way I know to do is take it to the field and try it out. Taken the video to my deer stand recording in the watcher. While eating on my stand video, three der come out. I was so excited to see the deer that what I couldn't see was two more deer in the back of them. One of the deer was nice buck standing and looking at the other deer. My stand has 4 windows two are very hard just to look for deer. I have three watchers setup where I can watch what I have been missing. Now without moving I can watch out all 4 windows. I have seen hogs, deer, and coyotes and a bobcat crossing behind where I couldn't see. The most exciting that was the ivory bill woodpeckers. I can't wait for the next season to start. The first year with the watcher was the best.

Dennis Dinky Masters

I have used mirrors in the past for deer hunting, but I have never seen one as good as Watcher. The Watcher gives you clarity, natural color, no glare and it blends in with the trees or in your box stand. The Watcher allows me to see everything around my stand with very little movement, which allows me not to spook the deer close to my stand. I have killed more deer and seen deer that I would not have, without the Watcher. Bill you have given us the advantage, we have longed for, for years. I now expect to see deer every time I hunt my stand, thanks to Watcher. Everyone should try just one, then you will buy one or two more, so you can see all around your stand. I take my Watchers every where I hunt, whether in a ground blind, back to a tree or my lean up stand. It has increased my success from 2 to 3 deer a year to 4 to 6, what an advantage. I cannot imagine hunting without my Watchers and you won't either once you try one. When you can see deer in two or three shooting lanes at the same time, you get to choose the deer you want to shoot. Thanks for this great must have product Bill Downing, I look forward to what you come up with next, can't wait. Thanks again for a must have mirror.

David Loftin

In October 2010 I had neck surgery. This limited my hunting ability until The Watcher was created. Now I am able to watch as much as four deer lanes without head or body motion. This Watcher Hunting Mirror enhanced my trophy ratio. I have killed my limit every year since 2010 thanks to The Watcher. I recommend The Watcher Hunting Mirror to everyone, especially hunters who are disabled or have limited mobility. Thanks Watcher.

Randy Thomas, Red River Deputy Sherriff

My name is Randy Thomas Sr. from Coushatta, Louisiana. I am a firm believer in The Watcher. I use The Watcher to improve my ability to see more area with less movement. This has enabled me to see deer that I would have missed before. I have The Watcher in all my stands. I would recommend The Watcher to everyone. When positioned correctly your kill ratio will improve greatly.

Jay Bryant

I use The Watcher Hunting Mirror in all my stands. It is really nice to be able to look down another shooting lane without turning that direction. Everyone needs to try one of these.

Jennifer Bryant

The Watcher Hunting Mirror allows me to stay focused on my main shooting lane and at a glance I can see if any deer are in any other lane from beside me to behind me.

Colton Bryant, Age 13

I use The Watcher Hunting Mirror in one of my stands. It helps me a bunch, and it meets all of my needs for seeing behind me.

Caden Bryant, Age 7

It will be good if we used it for hunting and hide and seek with those mirrors.

Jay Bryant (Caden's Dad)- He likes hunting with me and seeing what may walk out on our other shooting lane without looking that way. Keeps him a more preoccupied while I am hunting because we can see two different lanes and never move our heads.

Ken Jackson

I installed my Watcher Mirror on one of my stands and a whole new world opened up, now instead of having to twist and turn my neck to see behind me all I have to do is look at my Watcher. I especially enjoy the ease of mounting and un-mounting to move from stand to stand. This is a hunting accessory that can be used by all hunters.

Matt Johnson Bossier City, LA

I was pleased to receive my hunting mirror, The Watcher, as quickly as I did. I was able to use it on my next trip out. I am pleased with the clarity and not having to turn my head. It allowed me to actually choose between bucks on different shooting lanes. I was watching two does when a nice spike walked out just past them. I was raising my gun to take that shot when I noticed a seven point in The Watcher, which was covering my shooting lane to the left of me, I didn't even wait. I swung my gun out to the left side of my stand and took the shot. We are pleased with the outcome. I am needing to order another Watcher now because my girlfriend confiscated it for her stand. Thank you for the help.

Donny Lewing

Hunting has always been a passion of mine. Even after becoming disable. I notice while hunting in my box stand, the lack of vision was affecting my ability to get the deer that walked by my blind spots. Now that I have the Watcher Hunting Mirror, I no longer have the blind spots. I can see multiple directions without having to twist and turn constantly. I can get the deer that I would've have missed. Thanks

Sgt. Anthony Haire, Detective, Red River Parish Sherriff's Dept

On December 7, 2013, I was deer hunting in North Bossier Parish. The Watcher Mirror allowed me to watch two different deer crossings, this allowed me to also watch a nearby thicket. On this date, a nice 7 point appeared in the mirror and I was able to harvest this buck. Without the Watcher Mirror, the buck would have walked past my stand. Thanks.

Charles Loftin, Chief of Police of the Village of Hall Summit in Louisiana

My name is Charles Loftin, Chief of Police of the Village of Hall Summit in Louisiana. I have used The Watcher Mirror for approximately two years. It allows me to watch more than one shooting lane at a time. I have had great success with its use; I am able to watch three directions at one time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Ashleigh Loftin

Watcher mirrors are amazing. I don't have to move around in my stand to see all my lanes. I would recommend them to any hunter and they would make a great gift for any hunters you know! Keep up the good work!

The Watcher Tool EVERY Hunter Needs

There had been numerous bucks that my son and I had been after since the start of the season. There was one 13pt, two 8pt, and two 10pt. All of them would make a nice wall hanger for any hunter. Our cameras captured all of the deer on numerous occasions. We knew how many does each buck had, but found if difficult to get the deer to come out at regular shooting hours. We used all kinds of tricks to get them to show, and we knew that when they did we would not get another chance.

With the watcher in place our chance of getting that big buck greatly increased. These deer did not get to be that old without being smart. The Watcher gives you that edge needed to harvest the big buck. The 10pt came out at a brisk walk on my south mirror. My shooting lane at this location is only 20 feet wide and 250 yards long. I had the 10pt doe herd and one 8pt crossing on my northeast lane. I was ready to take the 8pt all the way up to him entering the think brush on the northeast shooting lane. Gun Ready, crosshairs on the 8pt I was still able to see the 10pt on my south mirror before pulling the trigger.

All else is history. I swung my rifle out my south window and comfortably took my shot at 145 yards without rushing. This is one story of many on how the Watcher has allowed others as well as myself the opportunity to get that special buck. I am the developer of the Watcher and have had great success over the years. The Watcher is not a gimmick or fly by night hunting tool. THE WATCHER IS A TOOL THAT EVERY HUNTER SHOULD HAVE IN HIS ARSINAL. Scents and food are not a must when using the Watcher. It can be used over and over which is not true of deer lure. It gives you that special edge needed when hunting that special buck.

I PERSONALLY OFFER AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WHICH NO OTHER HUNTING ACCESSORY OFFERS. It is now primitive firearms season and my wife has already obtained her limit. My son has obtained all but one, and I have obtained all but one. I must now get my war bag rearranged for the lost 7 days of the season. We have a 13pt to get to finish the season. HAVE A SAFE AND PLEASANT HUNT.

The Watcher Hunting Mirror


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