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About the Watcher

The Watcher is a must for the big game hunter. It can be used with all types of hunting stands, by allowing the hunter to observe shooting areas without movement. You can cover shooting areas without having to move your body or head and still have full observation of the primary shooting zone. I, personally, have been able to watch deer on both sides of my stand without having to move. It allows me to get that buck after observing the whole herd without moving. I have used the Watcher on ground, pop ups, blinds, tree, boxes, etc. I stuck an old arrow in the ground, attached the clamp of the Watcher onto the arrow, and it worked great. I was able to cover the entire shooting range, an entire 360 degree coverage, using minimal movement.

The Story from Idea to Reality

Turkey Hunt

While hunting turkey, I was able to mount the Watcher on a short stub on the front and right of a tree I was against. I had heard a hen pack for over an hour before I saw a Jake coming in to my left. I got ready to shoot, but at the last moment I glanced into the Watcher . What I saw was a gobbler walking right behind me. I decided that I wanted that gobbler with the beard touching the ground and not the juvenile. I stayed still until the gobbler looked at the juvenile. After a complete right shoulder turn, I had the gobbler in my sight. By that time, the gobbler turned to look at me and I squeezed the trigger. That was one of the most eventful turkey hunts I had been on. If I had not been using the Watcher, I would have only had the opportunity to shoot the Jake. I am proud of my product and am looking forward to another hunt for that big Tom. I brought everything for turkey hunting; Camouflage, face gear, shells, and a caller, but next time I will remember to put a shell in the chamber before I sit down. I hope you all have a great hunt.

I use the Watcher on all my stands. I designed it in a way so that it can be used on all stands, pop ups, brush, trees or just sitting under trees. The Watcher will make the least bit of movement obvious to the hunter. It's special reflective coating enhances and magnifies, making it virtually impossible for an animal to blend into its surroundings. You receive a very sharp and enhanced picture of all wildlife. No more turning left or right to cover shooting paths, sit back and keep your line of sight in one direction. The Watcher sits above or beside the area you are comfortable watching and will allow you complete coverage of other areas, without moving. This allows you time to observe areas you may not be focusing on, but also doesn't interfere with your other lines of sight.

About The Inventor

I have been hunting since the age of seven. I was confined to a wheel chair from the age of 13 until I was 15 for medical reasons. My mother bought me a Ford Bronco, enabling my father to take me to my stands. He built a hoist which could raise me to my stand 25 feet in the air. I did not give up hunting due to my ailments. The determination I have coupled with my aspirations allowed me to become active and walk after just 3 years. I love outdoor life and the country. I enjoy observing wildlife. I have lost my chance to get many a big buck due to not seeing them until the last moment. I resolved this issue years ago by using truck mirrors. This helped, but the setup would have to be disassembled in order to be used on other stands. I wanted a complete universal mirror that was fog free and without glare. I perfected the Watcher after many years, and now I have the finished Watcher. The Watcher is a hunting mirror with a 360 degree turn radius in all areas, magnification times one, and is fog free. The Watcher is not a vehicle mirror. The reflective coating is designed for color enhancement and magnification, which vehicle mirrors cannot touch. I have killed my limit every year since I first designed the Watcher. I use the Watcher while bow and rifle hunting. The Watcher has many applications for hunting. Anywhere you set it, it allows you to see around corners and behind objects.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

  • I thought I saw something and while I was trying to find it, a big deer walked by and I couldn't get my shot.
  • I was watching a big doe and didn't see Mr. Buck until it was too late.
  • I saw movement, turned back, and all I saw was the tail end of a big deer going into the woods.
  • When I turned around all I saw was a huge rack running off.
  • I didn't see the deer until he was right upon me.
  • I was watching turkeys and when I turned around, a buck was walking off
  • I had a 10-pointer walk right up to my stand and couldn't move without him seeing me.

We all have one or more excuses why we didn't get that shot.

Most of the time it's, "I didn't see that big buck until it was too late". With WATCHER properly positioned you can reduce that chance of this happening again!

WATCHER is excellent for the big game hunter.

It can be used with all types of stands: box, ground, mobile, climbing stands, etc. It allows the hunter to keep movement at a minimum without losing eye contact with the shooting areas he would otherwise have to turn around to observe. Images in The Watcher are clear and sharp which allows the hunter to take notice of any movement quickly and identify wildlife better than any other hunting mirror on the market. The flexible arm allows the hunter to position mirror to any desired location. The bracket on the mirror allows the hunter the move the Watcher to any position on the flexible arm. Special features on the clamp allows the Watcher to be easily secured to almost any sized limb, branch, rail, wood, or object. No other hunting mirror on the market has the ability that the Watcher has. We have all had those other big bucks slip up on us. With the WATCHER you can actually watch the deer on both sides of your stand at the same time without moving. WATCHER is completely adjustable and in the right location you can now say...THE BUCK STOPS HERE!!!

Watcher proudly stands behind our product. We are the only hunting mirror with a money back guarantee on the market!


WATCHER is warranted against defects in material for one year from the date of purchase.

Do not return this products to place of purchase.

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